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About Us

Our Business

We are a Freight Brokerage Company helping small, medium sized businesses and individuals by giving them a competitive advantage. By organizing these companies and persons into one consolidated buying group, we are able to help our customers secure the kinds of benefits usually
reserved for larger shippers, importers and exporters.

This capacity also adds benefit to our transporters who will have access to a pool of lucrative loads to various destinations of their choice at competitive and realistic rates.

Using our expertise in the field of transportation and logistics, as well as our network of hundreds of qualified carriers, we were able to offer routing assistance, tracking/tracing, freight bill auditing, and single source invoicing, driving down our customers' costs. We were able to manage all supply chain activities for our customers, allowing them to focus on the core competencies of their own business, saving them time and money.

Our Customer base

• Mining houses
• Non-governmental organizations
• Agricultural produce growers and Merchants
• Wholesale & Distributors
• Manufacturing & Industrial Companies
• Individual imports & exports
• Importers & Exporters
• Forwarders & Transporters

MC freight solutions have trained logistics professionals working to ensure that freight is moved at the best cost.

Our Goals :

To make sure things get from A to B, on time and on budget. But we do more than that. We are in
business because we are driven to provide superior and personalized service that most carriers simply
aren't prepared to offer themselves.

Our underlying goal as a freight broker is customer satisfaction. To achieve this we:
• Are available to answer questions and manage details when you call or email us, you can expect an immediate response and solution to your shipping problems. We appreciate the value of time.

• We will analyze all your shipping needs and come up with the tailor made solution that will optimise your logistics budget

• MCFS will eliminate your “challenges” and simplify shipping, when you ask us to manage your shipping activities you are free to focus on your own business knowing that your freight will arrive at the destination on time and on budget. We can turn your “challenges” into a
competitive advantage.

Our Commitment :

No matter how large your organization, or the size of your shipment, we provide the best trained staff, the most innovative technology, and the greatest breadth of transportation options. What this equates to is our commitment to provide superior service, whatever your needs.

Our longstanding relationships that we share with our network of hundreds of qualified carriers; we are committed to providing our customers with the most competitive rates, and overall consistent value in the transportation and logistics marketplace.

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